Saturday, August 31, 2002


Is In Arguendo striking fear in the heart of Blogger extraordinaire, Glenn Reynolds? Today, Instapundit posted that in August, they had 662,688 unique visitors. That means he only beat us by a mere 659,030 hits. Can you feel us breathing down your neck, Glenn?

We'd just like to point out that things in Blogdom may be getting a little out of hand. It used to be we would wake up, and check Media Whores Online. Then, of course, we would have to check Media Whores Online Watch, which vigilantly monitors MWO and reports what they feel are misrepresentations (read: lies). Well, now, after all that, we have to go to Media Whores Online Watch Watch, which vigilantly monitors MWOW and reports what they feel are misrepresentations (read: lies).

Our only question: When the hell will there be an In Arguendo Watch Watch Watch Watch?

A while back we explained that if we had to get rid of one of the 50 states, our choice would be Texas. We put up a poll (look to the right side of the screen) and were sure that Texas would be the top choice. Well, color us humiliated as our home-state of California is the top choice to be kicked out of these United States. Now, we are not totally sure that our poll is binding, but if it is, we'll get the secession papers on Governor Davis' desk right away.

We always get a kick out of seeing friends greet each other with a kiss on each cheek. Well, none of our friends do it, but we've seen it in Mafia movies and we never realized that there is a correct way to do it. Our new pal, Nick Denton, explains how it's done in France, and also explains that American's suck at it.

Friday, August 30, 2002


We have long maintained that we feel Gray Davis is the lesser of two evils in the California Governor's race, but we've also long maintained that Davis will be reelected. Our pal Bill Quick over at The Daily Pundit says by predicting a race this early is playing a 'mugs' game.

Well, to make things a little more interesting here in Blogdom, In Arguendo and The Daily Pundit have decided to put or Blogs where our mouths are. We've wagered links.

If Simon wins, we will link to The Daily Pundit in EVERY SINGLE POST for one solid week after the election.

If Davis wins, Mr. Quick will link to us in EVERY SINGLE POST for one solid week after the election.

Good luck Bill, and may the best Democrat win.

PS: If the election is decided by The Supreme Court, all bets are off.

Have you seen today's Slacker Friday over at Altercation? Wow! We haven't heard that many 'fuck you's' since we tried to get a date for the junior prom.

Buchanan & Press had a discussion today about NSYNC boy-toy Lance Bass going into space via a Russian space vehicle. We have absolutely no problem sending Mr. Bass into space. Bringing him back, however, is a completely different question.

Since today has become a baseball day, please allow us to address a question that has come up in several e-mails. The question we have asked several readers and bloggers is this: Who is to blame for the Angels losing to the Red Sox in the 1986 American League Playoffs.

Most readers blame Donnie Moore, who gave up a 9th inning homerun to Dave Henderson. (The press sure blamed Moore, and a constant drumbeat laying the culpability at Moore's feet eventually led to his suicide.)

Matt Welch blames himself because he was in college and didn't have time to watch all the games, and feels the baseball Gods were teaching him a lesson.

A few readers blame Doug DeCinces, who, with the game tied 6-6, came to bat with the bases loaded and 1 out and couldn't hit a deep enough flyball to score the winning run.

They are all wrong.

We know that baseball is a team game, and no one player loses a game, but that fateful game in 1986 is the exception that proves the rule. The one, single player that cost the Angels a trip to the World Series is:


Here's the situation: Rupert Jones is on 2nd base with one out, Angels down 6-5. Rob Wilfong singles to right field, where Dwight Evans (who may have had the greatest arm in baseball history) fields it and fires home to try and get Jones. It's a close play, very close actually, but Jones scores. BUT Wilfong stopped at first base and watched the play at the plate.

Wilfong should have known that Evans was throwing home and he should have been heading to 2nd base the whole time. Even if the throw is cut off and Wilfong is thrown out at 2nd base, the Angels still tie the game.

With Wilfong on 1st base, light hitting shortstop Dick Schofield then singles Wilfong to third. Had Wilfong been on 2nd base, he scores, the Angels go to the Series, and Bill Buckner never gets the chance to hand the Mets a World Championship.

But, of course, we're not bitter about it. No that bitter, anyway.


Our friend, and occasional canasta partner, Matt Welch was at last night's Angels-Devil Rays game, and posts about how the Angels' fans reacted by throwing foul balls back on the field.

This morning Curtis Sliwa paid tribute to Matt and the other fans at the game:

SLIWA: I want to salute the California baseball fans. Last night in Edison Field, the California-Anaheim Angel fans there, I mean, they were magnificent. They actually got out of their sort of drug induced stupor, their sun baked brains woke up, they threw debris onto the field, foul balls back out onto the field, they threw money out onto the field, beachballs. They disrupted the game because other than giving the fickle finger of fate to the ball players, they were essentially saying this is a disgrazia and I salute the brain-dead California Angel fans there in Edison Field who came to life and supported the rest of us fans of Major League Baseball.

Matt, you better get a thank you note out to Curtis pretty quickly.




(At least that's what MSNBC is saying.)

MSNBC is reporting that the Boston Red Sox have boarded a bus to go to the airport to get on a plane to fly to Cleveland to play a baseball game.

We predict: A deal gets done within 30 minutes!!

Thursday, August 29, 2002


Instapundit correctly points out that OUR Congressman, Howard Berman, (Full Disclosure: We voted for Congressman Berman) is backing a bad bill limiting the liability of copyright holders for protecting their work on peer-to-peer networks. Katherine Mangu-Ward has a great story in The Daily Standard that explains why the bill is bad law much better than we could.

We decided to do some research, and ended up calling Congressman Berman's office. We got some lackey kind of giving us the brush, basically telling us not to worry our pretty little heads about this complex situation that the Congressman would handle for us. 'But we're constituents', we countered. The lackey was unmoved. Then we mentioned that we run a little website called In Arguendo, and within 3 seconds we were talking to Fred Flores, Communications Director for the Congressman. Mr. Flores pointed out that he was not the point man on the bill, but did provide us with the phone number and e-mail address for Alec French, who is handling this bill in Washington.

Mr. French is on vacation until Tuesday, and we hope to catch up with him then. But what astonished us was the alacrity in which the Congressman's office wanted to help us once they knew we had a website.

Our non-conservative friend Matt Welch has this take on California's Governor Gray Davis:

I think Davis is the most corrupt, least democratic major California politician since Richard Nixon. My number one priority is to remove him from power, as both a punishment to him, and a protection of us. If that means voting for Bill Simon, well, that may be the price I have to pay. Just like a Republican, say, might have voted for George McGovern in 1972.

While we normally agree with the wise Mr. Welch (although we do have some issues with that cowboy hat he sports on his blog), we don't see the merit in his argument. In any election, we look at each candidate and decide which guy or gal most closely represents our views. In the California Governor's race, it's not even close.

While we will be the first to admit that we have two pretty sub-par candidates for the state's highest office, our view is that Simon is MORE sub-par. As far as being corrupt, our sources tell us that in the semi-near future (read: after the election) Mr. Simon may be facing allegations that would make Ken Lay look like Mother Theresa.

We support the lesser of two evils. Namely, Gray Davis.

Wednesday, August 28, 2002


When Ann Coulter came out with Slander, Scoobie Davis was all over it like Oprah on a baked ham. Scoobie's next target? Sean Hannity, who has written what some people are calling a book entitled Let Freedom Ring: Winning the War of Liberty over Liberalism. With Coulter, Scoobie pulled off a cool scam by interviewing her for a phoney radio program. We can only wonder what Scoobie has in store for Hannity.

Today, with the boss out of the office, the staff ended up going to see The Kid Stays in the Picture, and it was great fun. The Kid (that's what the hip folks call the flick) is a documentary of the rise, the fall, and the rise again of film producer Robert Evans. Wow, did this guy lead a life! He made Love Story, married Ali MacGraw, lost her to Steve McQueen, made The Godfather, got busted for drugs, was hospitalized for depression, and then broke out of the same hospital (and we're leaving out a ton of other stuff). The film is not only the story of Robert Evans, but it's also a history of Hollywood from the early '60's to the mid '90's. It is fast paced, and never boring, and we can't recommend it enough.

Our favorite story? In 1998 Evans was pitching a project to horror-maven Wes Craven and he has a stroke. Whilst laying on the floor of Craven's office, he looked up and said "See Wes, I told you there's never a dull moment around here."

It's hard not to like a guy who cracks wise while suffering a stroke. Go see it. You'll be glad you did.

The good news is that our C.E.O. will be out of the office all day as he has an Intellectual Property class at the law school he attends, and won't be back until very late. The better news is that our intern Todd brought in his copy of Madden 2003, so blogging will be non-existant until the boss comes back.

Tuesday, August 27, 2002


The Washington Post has a story, by the underrated George Lardner, Junior., concerning the Bush Administration's attempts to extend Executive Privilege beyond the scope of the White House. The Administration would like to keep secret, among other things:

1) Advice given to the President about Presidential pardons.
2) Government documents that the President has NEVER SEEN; and
3) Government officials the President has NEVER MET.

The press is spinning this as Bush's attempt to keep secret the pardon documents from end of the Clinton Administration, and of course, they are missing the point. The reason the administration wants these rules in place is so nobody will be able to examine President Bush's pardons when he leaves office. Our prediction for the 1st pardon: Ken Lay.

We spent several weeks reading and studying The Rittenhouse Review, and have finally come to a conclusion. The Rittenhouse Review is, officially, 'a bitchin blog'. They have well reasoned commentary, intellectual ideas, and most importantly, they added us to their list of links. First our buddy Jeff Cooper at Cooped Up upgraded us from 'Reciprocal Link' to 'Regular Read', and now this honor from The Review. Moral of the story? Bloggers CAN be bribed!

We love checking from where people are referred to our site. Our favorite in quite a while came today. Somebody searched Google for 'was Ann Coulter born a man?' and we were the third site to pop up. We've never questioned Coulter's sexuality (from all the rumors and inuendo we hear, she's actually kind of a female slut) but we are glad whenever anybody comes over to In Arguendo.

In the past we have maintained that unless you have attained the age of 21, your opinion really holds no water with us. Frankly, if you are 21, you have not had the opportunity to gain valuable experience that will shape your beliefs and opinions. Well, we have decided to up the age to 25. This way we can dismiss the unreasonable ideas of the likes of Arizona State student Oubai Shahbandar.

Shahbandar writes a lengthy column over at The Conservative Underground which contains numerous dubious claims.

For example, Shahbandar thinks that lobbing Arizona State officials into Iraqi minefields is a fabulous idea. He doesn't say why, but he wants to do it all the same.

Shahbandar also feels that anybody against the war with Iraq displays 'their contemptuous display of hateful malice (now standard for the typical doctoral dissertation) towards anything that might be associated with the American way of life.' (We absolutely will NOT make any jokes concerning Oubai Shahbandar's deeply held ideas of what exactly is the American way of life.)

Shahbandar also goes on, in typical Ann Coulter style, saying things like:

A few cruise missiles aimed into the administrative offices of Arizona State and public universities like it all over the country would go a long ways in securing the minds of our nation’s future—and in the process the very security and survival of our blessed nation.

And this:

To this student, it has become abundantly clear that Saddam Hussein’s most elite troops are not bunkered in Baghdad, but are right here, across the street on University Avenue, diligently puffing away at a pipe outside the local Starbucks, reading Das Kapital…in French.

Maybe, someday, Oubai will look back at his writing and say 'Jesus, I was such an idiot when I was younger.' But we're betting that Shahbandar is already making plans to become the next polemic conservative that gets major airplay on Fox.

Just keep in mind Oubai, when you sell your soul, you don't have a spare.

It's a rare day indeed when Curtis Sliwa and Ron Kuby agree on something, and even rarer when we agree with both of them. Today, however, was one of those days when Curtis and Kuby took a call from Elani Kousoulis, the sister of Danielle Kousoulis.

Danielle Kousoulis, tragically, was working on the 104th floor of the World Trade Center when the terrorists attacked, and she was confirmed as being killed.

The sickening part is that less than two months after Danielle's horrible death, her landlord DENISE LYMAN, made demands on Danielle's family for at least 3 months rent on her apartment. Why, you ask? Because Danielle didn't give DENISE LYMAN 3 months notice that she would be vacating the apartment.

Now, we'll conceed we only heard one side of the story, as DENISE LYMAN did not make herself available for the show. However, that being said, we are clinging to the hope that there is a very special place in hell for the likes of Hitler, Bin Laden, and DENISE LYMAN.

Last time we checked in with YalePundits, we took them to task for claiming that Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-Tex.) made comments that they disagreed with so much that somebody called Mitch Webber said the 1st Amendment shouldn't apply either to Johnson's comments, nor Johnson herself. After we made mention of the fact that Webber was making an ass of himself, he quickly backed off, admitting he was just trying to provoke a higher readership (why didn't we think of that?)

It turns out that Mitch may have been attempting to provoke a higher readership, however it also appears our labeling Webber an ass still stands, at least on his latest post.

Today Webber dismisses a column by James Bamford for the silliest of reasons. First, he takes a swipe at Bamford because it appears that the version of The Trial, by Franz Kafka, that Bamford quotes from does not include a forward from the pro-Israel George Steiner.


Then Webber seemingly defends Attorney General Ashcroft's attempts to over-extend the powers of the Justice Department through the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. That's the secret court that recently reported that federal agents had lied at least 75 times to get eavesdropping warrants.

Webber has absolutely no problem with this practice because the agents are requesting warrants and not verdicts. That is just laughable on it's face. The Constitution requires 'probable cause' prior to a warrant being issued, and if the agents are lying about the probable cause, then the entire process is perverted.

Here is Webber's final example of lunacy:

There's a big difference between prosecuting the innocent - as is done in The Trial - and searching (arguably) over-zealously for the guilty.

The problem is, Mitch, nobody KNOWS if they are guilty or innocent until after a trial (you've heard of those, haven't you Mitch?).

The way Webber misinterprets Bamford's column, we must wonder if Mitch really is a student at Yale. We remember taking an entrance exam to get into the state college we attended. Don't they do that at Yale?

Monday, August 26, 2002


On Crossfire last week, James Carville blew his top when Sandy Rios of Concerned Women Of America claimed that Islam was an 'evil' religion. Since then, Rios has made at least three separate appearances on CNN spouting her usual conservative hooey. Our question is this: Just who is this woman sleeping with to become such a regular on a network that claims to be unbiased?

We heard back, sort of, from The Conservative Underground concerning our complaint that they took more than a fortnight to review a Peggy Noonan column. It turns out that the author, Zachary Spillman, is a student, and works, and has to pay rent, yada, yada, yada.

Zach, almost everybody works, and has to pay rent, and in fact, the C.E.O. of In Arguendo will graduate from law school in December.

The fact is, Zach, you were being intellectually lazy, and you know it. If you don't have time to post on your mindless Blog, then don't. But if you are going to, don't attempt to score current points by referring to ancient columns.

By the way Zach, we'll continue to link to your site when we mention you. It seems that is a Blog nicety that has escaped you.

Did we make a mistake in omitting Massachusetts from our poll of the states we could do without? Tom Elliott thinks so, and sent us this email:

Subj: Do Without Massachusetts
Date: 8/26/02 12:03:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (Tom Elliott)

How come y'all left Massachusetts off of the list of states I could do without? It will remain totally useless until the Department of Defense decides to use it as a nuclear firing range, and even then it could be replaced by Porto Rico.

To be honest, the only real reason we didn't include Massachusetts is that we really wouldn't want to get rid of Fenway Park.

Sunday, August 25, 2002


Recently we referred to Matt Welch as one of our favorite 'conservative' sites, and we were promptly greeted with a letter from Stanley J. Cooper, ESQ. Here is the letter:

Dear In Arguendo,

It has come to our attention that your Blog (i.e. website) has referred to our client, the upstanding Matt Welch, as a conservative. Naturally, with the negative connotation that envelopes the term 'conservative', we must object to you libeling our client, the altruistic Matt Welch, with such a evil and disgusting act of personal destruction. We must insist that you cease and desist in referring to our client, the well read Matt Welch, in any and all terms that can be considered mean spirited, evil, and above all conservative.


Stanley J. Cooper, ESQ.

Hey Matt, there was no reason to go litigious on our asses. We'll stop calling you a conservative. Hell, let us know and we'll call you anything you want, but for God's sake call off the legal dogs!